March 11, 2018

IDEAS Colour Forecast: Active colours summer 2018 for running, tennis, fitness S/S 2018 „Equality of Space“

Have a look at this active colours summer 2018 which I created for the IDEAS colour forecasting book S/S 2018. It`s a colour project between the members of IDEAS Sports Design Network. Suitable for running, watersports, tennis, beachwear and cycling. The latest book A/W 19/20 is available as PDF-file or as printed version.


Colours :

Fresh and bright sunset accents run into the shades of night sky : dark lilac or purple blue combined with black create a high value look , completed by small contrasting details; the fruity orange and pink thrills the range into a powerful and almost tropical one which is imaginable for performance sports and water sports as well.


Designdetails, fabrics and patterns:

light & shiny materials, 3D structured surfaces, jersey with glued shiny iridescent stripes, transparencies, digital batik, black + white drawing , with watercolor effects, blurred and geometric prints.


Digital & physical world, space & light, twilight, artificial lights, blurred and cloudy landscapes, glowing wire, digital nature, technical structures.

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