Christine Sweers

“I love feminine and floral, and at the same time have a weakness for science fiction.”

How I became who I am – and what you can expect from me


My apartment is full of beautiful flowers, because that grounds me. I need beauty to feel good like others need air to breathe, so I don’t stop at flowers, but fill my surroundings with things that gladden my heart.

Being outdoors in the garden, in nature in general, helps me to widen my view – this works especially well by the sea! This is where I always recharge my creative idea tanks, so my designs are always new.

You might think I’m an Aquarius: I’m not an astrologer, but they’re supposed to be very future-oriented and open-minded. Currently I’m learning a 3D design program and I’m fascinated by the technical possibilities to develop sustainable materials and to produce in a more environmentally friendly way.

In general, technology and nature don’t have to be opposites for me. This is most likely due to the symbiosis of my parents and my childhood in the countryside:

My father was a technical genius with his self-designed machines – he was not only an entrepreneur, but also an amateur radio operator – and so we had a kind of Skype at home in the nineties.

My mother…well, how do I say this? “The housewife in perfection” sounds stupid now, I would rather say “family manager” and my closest confidant, who always believed in me, because my father was against studying fashion design.

In addition, she simply baked the best cakes in the world, and passed on her love of fabrics to me.

 Engelsturz Modedesign Diplom Christine Sweers

“Fallen Angel” by Christine Sweers |  Diploma Project Fashion Design

Fallen Angel Christine Sweers


The fascination for apparent opposites continued in my fashion design studies. 

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After an interdisciplinary project with both textile designers and interior designers, I was fascinated not only by designing outfits, but also by experimenting with fabrics.

So I combined denim with truck tarpaulins, organza with little foil clouds, sewed on jeans, ripped and washed. Knitted wire jewelry and inserts…. like glittery sea foam.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Technical fabrics were hard to find back then and mostly came from the automotive industry…. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The theme of my work was to express contrasts through the materials, silhouettes and colors. The outfits showed a metamorphosis from angel to fallen angel, apparent opposites that formed a harmony.

That’s why it is certainly not surprising that I later ended up in sportswear through motorcycle clothing, after working for a few years as a fashion designer for women’s clothing. I love feminine and floral, and at the same time have a weakness for science fiction.

That’s exactly why sportswear in combination with fashion remains so fascinating to me.

And how do I benefit from that? You may be thinking as you read this. Quite simply – all this leads almost inevitably to a cooperation and a result that will meet your highest expectations.

All this has made me aware of quality, thoroughly, result-oriented, persistent, and above all visionary. My eye is rare, and the choices I make are seen by few. I am said to have “a good modern eye”. So I love to create active wear as well as layouts and moodboards.

If a touch of luxury as well as a heart for sustainability are important to you, then be sure to check out what I can do for you.

That sounds a lot like self-congratulation. Actually not at all my thing, because I am rather reserved – even if it’s inside still so bubbling with ideas. Typical Sagittarius.

And that’s exactly why I’m definitely not an esoteric person, but always curious, open…and often one dance step ahead of the trend.

Curious to know more? Contact me for a non-binding get to know.


Simple, Sensible, Subtle, Sexy are a few of many adjectives to describe Christine’s creative fashion design. If I would to have to summarize all the beautiful adjectives to describe her work in one sentence, I believe my choice would be “It’s just right”.

Ahmed Al-Mayman, Conceptualizer

“While searching for new inspirations, I came across a mood board by Christine, and became very keen to realize my next project with her.

I am still very deeply touched and excited by the colour mood UNEXPLORED SPACES,

which has generally motivated me in a creative way and triggered great inspirational feelings in me.”

Andrea Limberger, Interior Stylist

“The designs of Christine Sweers are characterized by a target group-specific implementation combined with contemporary spirit and a great eye for detail. Her experience enables us to develop our functional clothing that is both cutting-edge and at the same time takes into account the athlete-specific wishes of our customers.”

Joachim Ney, DONIC/ seventy seven GmbH


Are you not sure what you actually need and would like me to advise you first? Let`s have a 20 minute call to answer first questions.


As a graduate fashion designer I held my first permanent position in young womenswear and sportswear. 2001 I co-founded the design studio “MOJECT” with my best friend and former colleague Andrea Liesert. Since then I focused more and more on functional fashion and sportswear.
From then me and Andrea sat under one roof, followed our respective priorities, but also complemented each other perfectly in joint projects.
In 2017 we went separate ways, but Andrea will remain on the team as a children’s clothing expert.
In 2015, I became a member of the IDEAS Sports Design Network, an international association of product and fashion designers who also showcased at trade shows. As one of six design studios I developped the IDEAS color forecasting book two times a year and rediscovered my huge passion for colors and moodboards.
Besides my work as designer I started to run an inspirational blog in 2018. My first trendbook for sale followed a few months later.