TeamSPORTS Men & Women


Dynamic placed prints are at the heart of these table tennis collections alongside subtle detailing on polo shirts and tracksuits.

Images: DONIC  |  Moject by Christine Sweers


Simple, Sensible, Subtle, Sexy are a few of many adjectives to describe Christine’s creative fashion design. If I would to have to summarize all the beautiful adjectives to describe her work in one sentence, I believe my choice would be “It’s just right”.

Ahmed Al-Mayman, Conceptualizer

“While searching for new inspirations, I came across a mood board by Christine, and became very keen to realize my next project with her.

I am still very deeply touched and excited by the colour mood UNEXPLORED SPACES,

which has generally motivated me in a creative way and triggered great inspirational feelings in me.”

Andrea Limberger, Interior Stylist

“The designs of Christine Sweers are characterized by a target group-specific implementation combined with contemporary spirit and a great eye for detail. Her experience enables us to develop our functional clothing that is both cutting-edge and at the same time takes into account the athlete-specific wishes of our customers.”

Joachim Ney, DONIC/ seventy seven GmbH


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