July 19, 2019

Print trend report S/S 2020 Outdoor by ISPO  

7 stories with textile prints and patterns for summer 2020

1.  Geometric landscapes

The SCOTT Run Shirt is developped especially for trial running. The graphic is inspired by the sunlight inside a forest

Tees with print by SCOTT Sports | GTS  . Click on company link for further info.

2. Blurred & unperfect

dissolved prints inspired by earth, trees, soil – batik & tie-dye effects – geo inspired imprints

Bike Tee by SCOTT Sports. Click on company link for further info.nfo.

3. Scenery photos with lines

black and white photography – grid motifs – strong colour accents – diamond patterns

T-shirts & glove by LÖFFLER ZIENER . Click on company link for further info.

4.  Futuristic skin

GRDXKN® is a textile printing technology, which enables a two- dimensional material to become three-dimensional in parts. Textiles, which have been reinforced with this technical colour print, are at the same time lightweight and sturdy, flexible and abrasion resistant.

Structure printing:  GRDXKN | Jackets by PATRONACE. Click on company link for further info.
Photos with model: Philip Kottlorz. Other: Natalie Weinmann

5.  Distorted grids

screen disruption – irregular raster -fine interferences

T-shirt & bag by  LÖFFLER ORTLIEB . Click on company link for further info.

6.  Abstract painting

90ies – bold brush strokes – ice cream colours

Bag by  ORTLIEB . Click on company link for further info.

7.  3D-performance

bodymapping – hexagonal knitted fabric – microstructures

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