Oct 28, 2020
wgsn colors aw 22/23

Each season, WGSN selects five colors that will be crucial for the fashion industry.

After a period of crisis they predict „an attidude of positivity“ and „a desire to indulge in small luxuries“. So as a result, the key colors A/W 22/23 „have an authentic, rich mood and grounded optimism“.

See the colours come to live here >>>

And learn more here about the first of the key colors A/W 22/23, Honeycomb, which bright spirit is very suitable for activewear.


colors AW 22/23

The WGSN colors are translated by the COLORO color system.

This is an intelligent, logical system with 3,500 colors, each with a unique seven-digit code. The first three numbers represent the hue, the second two represent the lightness, and the last two represent the chroma value.

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