Inspirational tools for your active wear line.

IS THIS YOU? You are…

…new to the fashion business and wish an easy to understand trend report? 

…very experienced and looking for confirmation that you’ve incorporated the right trends into your completed collection? 

…looking for a specialized trend forecast by an expert that blends the worlds of fashion and sports instead of relying solely on global trend platforms?

…under timepressure and don`t want to spend hours on research but instead focus on your core business?

Then you are at the right place: discover carefully selected color stories, curated functional fabric reports and beautiful print inspirations to make your creative process easier.

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Active Trend Forecast AW 25_26

A/W 25/26
Active Wear trends

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Active Trend Forecast S 25

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Active Wear Trends

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S/S 25
Active Runway

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Active Wear Trends AW 24/25

a/W 24/25
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S/S 2024
Active Wear Trends 

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A/W 23/24
Active Wear Trends

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Trendbook Bundle 23-25

Active Wear Trends

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S/S 2023
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A/W 22/23
Active Wear Trends

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S/S 2022
Colour Trend Stories

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Trendbook SS 2021

S/S 2021 Womens Active
Colour Trend Stories

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Discover early color trends and plan easily the colorways of your ranges.

Take your collection to the next level with eyecatching print inspirations and design ideas.

Get insights of the latest trends for functional fabrics.

Save trend research time and save your copy by instant download as PDF.


"Your trendbooks are really helpful to me for colour selections. I love the way the colours are laid out and the choice of palettes you provide. This has been a steep learning curve for me but your books really do help me to plan our ranges."

Deb de Luen, owner active wear brand

"It's incredible what you're doing, putting small brands on the map, so they don't have to react when it's too late. In our case, the in-house fashion designer has left for another company, and the new fashion designer still needs time; your products help tremendously in the transition period."

Dragos Dinca, owner active wear brand

"The colors are very helpful. We are happy with the content, it's straightforward."

Claudio Giorgione, marketing and innovation

"Christine has a great sense for colors. I love to play with the ideas she already elaborated in detail, and if I like the color ideas, I can just get all the information about the exact color values in the book, without making the effort to search for a similar tone in my own color library. The books are an awesome tool what makes my design life easier without taking the fun of being creative away from me. Especially when I don‘t have much time to develop a new collection’s direction, there is always a good amount of new trend directions given I can choose from.”

Charline Susan Jackson, Head of Design

"Exceptional content & value! My highlight: the print and color direction."

René, freelance fashion consultant

"I enjoyed the addition of key shapes this season. Absolutely worth buying! "

Bianca, freelance sportswear designer

"I just downloaded your ebook and it`s perfect for me. I started my tiny workshop early this year. This trendbook helps me a lot, saves my time as well. Thanks so much."


"I was just reviewing your trendbook and I really like it! Super clear and easy to read. Well done!"

Francesco, business development manager

"I loved your trendbooks, this is how I personally used them: Pantone selection for collections: There’s so many options out there and this really helped me narrow down what looks good with what and the specific Pantone’s I should be giving my suppliers. Pattern inspo: great ideas, and was nice validation to what I thought I liked. Fabrics: I was CLUELESS before reading your suggestions and it made me look at fabric in an entirely new light."

Kate Keener, CEO & founder DUFF DADDIES GOLF


I’m Christine. I´ve worked as an active wear designer for over two decades. That means I’ve had loads of opportunities to gather in-depth experience in the fashion and sports market.

You could wake me at 3 am and I’d be able to analyze trends and to transform them into a collection that fits your target group. It’s my thing!

More precisely, I love colours and trend forecasting: as one of only six design studios, I created the color trend book of IDEAS sports design network for many seasons

I regularly visit the important trade fairs such as ISPO, PERFORMANCE DAYS, FASHION WEEK, PREMIER VISION and more to stay informed about the latest textile and design innovations – so you don’t have to!

I also continuously research the web on various social media channels in categories such as architecture, art, photography, graphics, interior design, design and fashion. I keep my finger on social trends for you so we are the first to identify the next mega trends. Sweet, right?

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