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Trending Sports in 2023

01 Oct, 2023

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Trending Sports in 2023

Every year, the world of sports clothing introduces fresh trends and innovations that push the boundaries of sport outfits and their functionalities, often influencing the design of sportswear.

In this blog post, I’ll take a closer look at intriguing new sports trends for 2023, as well as existing ones that continue to demand specialized apparel.”

1. Aerial Yoga: WELL-BEING

Flying Pilates and Aerial Yoga are sports that involve training in suspended fabrics, and here, highly flexible and comfortable sportswear is indispensable.

In Aerial Yoga, traditional yoga asanas are taken to the air. Using an oversized cloth hanging from the ceiling, yoga is practiced while floating, leading to a sensation of weightlessness alongside heaps of fun. The ‘inversion poses’ made possible by this practice are said to have rejuvenating and life-extending effects, while also relieving blockages and tension. Flying Pilates operates similarly but is believed to be more dynamic.


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2. Mindful Running: Sports for body and mind

Trendy sports that harmonize the body and mind are gaining more significance in the well-being trend. In Mindful Running, the focus is on mindfulness while running, leaving your smartphone and headphones at home.

Similar to mindfulness training, the goal is to fully experience your surroundings, push aside intrusive thoughts, be in the moment, and thereby reduce stress and relax.

Just like in regular running, you’ll need comfortable, moisture-wicking clothing that allows unrestricted movement. However, this clothing might have a less technical appearance and instead feature prints and materials that create a blend of outdoor and yoga attire.

3. Barre Workout

A fusion of Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet, Barre Workout is based on movements from classical ballet and gymnastics, offering an effective full-body workout.

Barre has made its way into fitness studios, inspired by how ballerinas have always sculpted their bodies at the barre. It aims to ‘tone’ muscles elegantly rather than bulk them up, delivering quick results suitable for all age groups. The repetitive exercises also enhance concentration. Moreover, the graceful movements set to beautiful music promote relaxation and stress relief. Just like in Yoga and Pilates, highly elastic and durable clothing, such as those made from 4-way stretch fabrics, is essential.

trendsport barre workout

4. Virtual Fitness

With the rise of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, training is becoming more interactive and entertaining than ever. Virtual fitness apps and games allow users to immerse themselves in virtual locations while staying active. Training amidst mountains or on an island adds variety and intrigue to workouts. However, its effectiveness is debated and it’s generally seen as a supplementary tool that can’t replace traditional training.



5. e-Sports: Sport for the DIGITAL GENERATION

E-Sports has long transcended its niche. If you’re involved with it, you know how intense gaming can be and the cool jerseys that teams around the world wear in their epic battles.

Professional E-Sports players not only represent gaming culture but also sport specially designed sportswear. Comfortable and breathable jerseys with technological features like moisture control and ergonomic design are crucial here too. It’s a market that sportswear brands should definitely keep an eye on.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Sportswear

The world of sports and sportswear is constantly evolving. New sports that cater to both body and mind, virtual fitness, and E-Sports can all influence the designs and sport collections of the future. Sustainability and the latest technologies remain crucial.

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