November 10, 2023

WGSN Color AW 25_26 CherryLaquer


This color palette represents the upcoming color trends according to WGSN, the World Global Style Network, for the upcoming seasons. Here’s their viewpoint on it:

“Acceleration is the overarching theme driving our A/W 25/26 Global Colour Forecast. As the climate crisis brings chaos and strange omens of decline (orange skies, green oceans), we will see an acceleration of change, both good and bad. Urgency, repair and reassurance will be necessities in this new reality, as is reflected in our A/W 25/26 colours.”

Discover the meaning of the 5 key colors here: 

WGSN Colors AW 25_26

CELESTIAL YELLOW  048 — 90 17 :

Celestial Yellow is a bright, glowing color that feels both calming and a bit dreamy. It reminds us of the moon, stars, and sun, tapping into a sense of seeking reassurance and guidance. In uncertain times, people turn to spirituality, astrology, and astronomy for comfort.

WGSN Colors AW 25_26

CHERRY LACQUER  159 — 23 — 15 :

Cherry Lacquer is a rich, rebellious dark color that feels luxurious. In times of upheaval and uncertainty, it taps into themes of resistance and rebellion. It also has a seductive quality, connecting with our deepest desires and providing a way to escape and empower ourselves

WGSN Colors AW 25_26

RETRO BLUE  100 64 14 :

Retro Blue is a quirky, old-school color with a cozy and nostalgic feel. It carries a subtle sense of joy and innocence inspired by memories, fitting in with the growing trend of kidults and the reimagined nostalgia embraced by Gen Z.

WGSN Colors AW 25_26

NEON FLARE  014 — 68 — 08 :

Neon Flare is a bright, dynamic color with a synthetic feel. In the face of urgent climate concerns, this AI-inspired shade sparks a sense of collective urgency. It symbolizes the need to come together and boost our spirits through shared effort and energy as we tackle complex challenges.

WGSN Colors AW 25_26

FUTURE DUSK  129 35 18, Color of the year 2025:

This year is all about creative thinking, where people will use their imagination to come up with new solutions for the economy and the environment. Future Dusk, a color between blue and purple, fits this theme, bringing a mysterious and dreamy vibe with its dark and moody qualities.

This unique shade also has a celestial and futuristic feel, inspired by the new era of space exploration. It symbolizes the shift from darkness to light, from dusk to dawn, getting us ready for exciting new possibilities.

Read more about the WGSN key colors A/W 25/26 here.

WGSN-Fashion Colors-SS-25

The WGSN colors are translated by the COLORO color system.

This system works totally different than PANTONE: it`s is an intelligent, logical system with 3,500 colors, each with a unique seven-digit code. The first three numbers represent the hue, the second two represent the lightness, and the last two represent the chroma value.

Because you asked for it I translated the WGSN key colors A/W 25/26 by COLORO  into the Pantone Color System  by using the Pantone Color Planner Fashion, Home + Interiors. Please consider that it`s not possible to get exactly the same COLORO tone in PANTONE, especially AQUATIC AWE and TRANSCENDENT PINK were difficult.

WGSN Color AW 25_26

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