Dec 07, 2018

IDEAS Colour Forecast: Activewear trend for yoga S/S 2019 “Remote Viewing”

Have a look at this female colour theme which I created for the IDEAS colour forecasting book S/S 2019. It`s a colour project between the members of IDEAS Sports Design Network. This active wear trend for yoga S/S 2019 is also suitable for (S)loungewear, fitness and beachwear. The book is available as PDF-file or as printed version.

Copyright Stijn van Hulle Photography

Colours & inspiration:

At the latest now dark green is back, here paired with apricot and salmon, a combination from fashion. The green palette and the fruity pastels underline the relation to nature, represent leaves and flowers. This is perfect for a female summer collection with a calm but sophisticated statement.

Inspiration: Appreciation and revaluation of nature, spirituality. Find the real in yourself, escape from overloaded reality. Let it flow!


Designdetails, fabrics and patterns

Marble- and gemstone patterns, imprints of leaves, crop circles, mandalas, structures and lines from nature. Wellbeing fabrics with natural touch, ultimate comfort and smooth skin-feel.

Created by combination of functional properties of natural and synthetic fibres. Cocooning styles with fluid and relaxed fit, oversized hoodies and elongated sleeves to protect from the outside and create a kind of privacy. 


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