July 17, 2023

WGSN-Fashion Colors-SS-25


These colors are the new color direction by WGSN, the World Global Style Network,  for the next seasons. This is what they say about it:

This season’s colors reflect a significant shift towards strategic imagination, where innovative ideas will be crucial in solving the challenges arising from a continued period of disruption, volatility and uncertainty.”

Discover the meaning of the 5 key colors here:

FUTURE DUSK  129 — 35 18, Color of the year 2025 :

A tone with a mood of mystery and escapism between blue and purple which offers surreal and futuristic qualities.

Future Dusk’s surreal and otherworldly qualities align with the influence of the second space age, giving it a celestial appeal.” 

TRANSCENDENT PINK  021 — 80 — 08 :

A grounding and balancing tone which is more a greyish neutral as a pink. This color is often seen in the metaverse and epresses stability and calmness.

“As a versatile color that can span across genders, demographics and seasons, it will also be commercially dependable.

AQUATIC AWE  086 — 70 — 25 :

A colour which combines the artificial with the natural: it has a synthetic quality by standing for fantastic digital worlds, but also reflects the mysterious world of nature.

“It is also influenced by a growing focus on bio-synthetic streams, where bio-manufacturing and lab-grown materials are used as a more ressource-efficient alternative to natural materials.

SUNSET CORAL  009 58 31 :

An color full of enery which stands for the feel of joy and the enjoying  life`s pleasures.

“Its saturation level also gives it an immersive quality, which taps into the virtues of slowing down as a form of self-care, and embracing idleness – which has traditionally been looked down on – as an antidote to our obsession with productivity.

RAY FLOWER  037 82 32:

A warm and inviting color inspired by a sunflower project which protects biodiversity.

“This color has an inherently optimistic and wholesome quality that aligns with a growing focus on more radically considerate approaches to sustainability, where the environment is treated as a co-client in design and production, and nature is treated as a board member in business.

Read more about the WGSN key colors S/S 25 here.

WGSN-Fashion Colors-SS-25

The WGSN colors are translated by the COLORO color system.

This system works totally different than PANTONE: it`s is an intelligent, logical system with 3,500 colors, each with a unique seven-digit code. The first three numbers represent the hue, the second two represent the lightness, and the last two represent the chroma value.

Because you asked for it I translated the WGSN key colors S/S 25 by COLORO  into the Pantone Color System  by using the Pantone Color Planner Fashion, Home + Interiors. Please consider that it`s not possible to get exactly the same COLORO tone in PANTONE, especially AQUATIC AWE and TRANSCENDENT PINK were difficult.

WGSN-Fashion Colors-SS-25

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