Oct 26, 2021

wgsn colours aw 23-24

WGSN & COLORO Key colours A/W 23/24

5 key colors, which are supposed to be directional for the next seasons, have just been announced by WGSN.

In my opinion a quite beautiful palette that reminds me to the movie “DUNE”: as covered with a layer of dust, a bit mysterious and at the same time very modern.
The colours are intended to reflect the needs of health and healing, travel and discovery or calmness and rest.

This is where the colours stand for:


DIGITAL LAVENDER -134 -67 -16, COLOUR OF THE YEAR 2023, is still on board and express “the growing demand for health-boosting digital therapy and calm-tainment.” 

ASTRO-DUST – 010-42-20 : related to space exploration it stands for a dusty Mars red, and “captures the desire to explore remote terrains and planets.”

GALACTIC COBALT – 120-28-32: inspired by new spaces and the Metaverse it reflects “Transformative, technologically driven experiences”  which “connect to escapism and extended reality.”

SAGE LEAF – 072-45-06: a colour to slow down, rest and reflect ; due to overstimulation the consumer needs an environment that reduces the stress level in the brain. Good to use at home for walls or interior.

APRICOT CRUSH – 024-65-27: this bright but pale orange tone gives fresh energy to the colour palette; it provides warmness and joy to neutral or playful colour tones.

WGSN Key Colours AW 23_24

More details about the key colours A/W 23/24 here >>>

The WGSN colors are translated by the COLORO color system.

This system works totally different than PANTONE: it`s is an intelligent, logical system with 3,500 colors, each with a unique seven-digit code. The first three numbers represent the hue, the second two represent the lightness, and the last two represent the chroma value.


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The key colours Digital Lavender & Galactic Cobalt  caught my eye when I was looking for new colors for summer 23: in the digital world lavender and cobalt blue are very close together and inspire many fashion collections.

digital lavender and coblat blue
Image: Shubham Dhage


How this extraordinary color combination looks like translated into real clothing is shown in the S/S 2022 summer collection of Ambush.

And the Dutch design studio Raw Color use it for their amazing “Sea Level Socks”, by the way a great project which communicates climate change through textiles:


Image: Sea Level Socky by RAW COLOR



No doubt that I would also add this color combination to my Active Trend Magazine S /S 2023.

See here a sneak preview of  color combinations and print proposals in my trend story  “DIGITAL INFUSION”:

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