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EXPLORE Top Designers Activewear Brands

Stylish, Innovative and Performance-Oriented


Looking for some outstanding luxury sports apparel brands for women’s fitness, yoga, tennis or golf? Look no further because this ultimate guide to designer activewear for women is a big source of inspiration.

I´ve curated a collection of stylish, aesthetic and performance-oriented brands for womens activewear that are simply beautiful to look at or let your creativity flow. And because it’s so incredibly interesting, I’ll give you a brief insight into the story behind them.

With a focus on quality, materials and thoughtful designs, these designer activewear brands prioritize both fashion and function.

Explore this list to save time in research and to get an update of 12 great activewear brands with inspiring designs or stories.  

So, whether you’re a designer or a start-up or whatever, get ready for your update with this ultimate selection of designer activewear for women.

1. LNDR 

Understated style but highest long lasting quality is where LNDR stands for. The collection is based on leggings and bras for fitness wear and running. There mission:

“Our mission is to create better quality products and less of them. We believe the day of fast fashion is over – for state of mind and the planet. We want hands down great products that last, in style and quality.
Premium high-performance clothes with quality that lasts.

STORY:  LNDR was founded by 3 “less-than-perfect” women which enjoyed working out and travelling around the world. With different backgrounds in the clothing industry they started their own brand passionated about delivering better products. 



VAARA is a fashion label headquartered in London. It operates under the principles of individuality and exceptional quality. There collections are designed to provide comfort, durability and assistance all day long. Their line up continuously develops while maintaining the brand’s essence, empowering contemporary women and their active lives.

STORY: VAARA was founded by Tatiana Korsakova to develop exceptional multifunctional womenswear. 

The Ultimate Guide to Designer Activewear for Women:

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This beautiful Australian brand has its roots in yogawear but offer today many other kind of sports as tennis or golf. The Upside’s aesthetic is formed by Indian color palettes and patterns as well as the colorful athleisure style that is reminiscent of hippie life, surf culture and spending time on the beach.

STORY: What the founder say: “My vision for THE UPSIDE came to me when I was spending time between NYC, Hawaii and Sydney. While deepening my yoga practice I was witnessing the powerful infancy of the athleisure movement, that was taking over studios in a global sweep. Women of every age were under the spell of these magical pieces.”


LUCAS HUGH is one of my most adorable activewear brands for women because of the unique and futuristic design.u It’s dedicated to pushing the boundaries of activewear, offering unparalleled designs to help you achieve your personal best.

LUCAS HUGH was the first brand to integrate fully-bonded seams, typically found in Olympic-quality swimwear, into activewear. The brand gained significant traction with the release of The Hunger Games in 2013, because of design and development of the training outfits featured in the film.


STORY: Established in 2010, co-CEO and Creative Director Anjhe Marcus spent two years refining LUCAS HUGH’s distinctive designs, sourcing premium Italian performance fabrics, and perfecting the sought-after tailored fit. Since its inception, LUCAS HUGH has collaborated with cutting-edge production partners to remain at the forefront of activewear innovation.

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The New York based luxury sportswear brand  focuses on minimalist designs and high-quality materials, their range includes also beautiful knitwear pieces. “LIVE THE PROCESS” stands for perfected fits and has the aim to inspire movement and “to create sustained energy from the outside in”.

They take an ethical approach at every level of production so all their styles are ethically produced in their  factory in Los Angeles, California by local women.A significant percentage of their knitwear yarns are responsible including ECOVERO™, recycled cashmere, recycled polyester, cotton sourced under the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), and lightweight knits created via the Recycle to Upcycle initiative 

STORY The collection is designed by  a founding team in New York City which is build around a collective of dancers, yoga and pilates instructors , strength coaches and more. The studio where they showcase the products hosts also a variety of classes each week.


ULTRACOR follows an demand-to-supply model,  the sustainable luxury fitnesswear styles are only made after when ordered. They create highest level products to health-conscious people, athletes, and athleisure-lovers alike. They want to set a new standard in the apparel industry.

STORY: ULTRACOR is led by Asha Kai, a female entrepreneur with long time experience in the fashion industry. The fusion of unmatched style and continuously evolving technology defines the essence of the brand.

Designer Acrivewear Women`s 2024

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P.E. NATION is an active streetwear label tailored for urban living, characterized by a fast-paced lifestyle. The brand’s ethos revolves around top-notch design and craftsmanship, offering trendy yet comfortable pieces crafted to seamlessly transition from the studio to the streets. It embodies a spirit of solidarity and community, encouraging individuals to embrace an active lifestyle and discover their inner strength.

Since its establishment in 2016, P.E NATION has broadened its range to encompass street-meets-sportswear collections, elevated everyday attire, sustainable activewear, throwback 90’s streetwear, high-quality technical snow gear, menswear, accessories, and essential basics.

STORY: Following the co-founding of P.E Nation with Claire Greaves in 2016, Pip Edwards has leveraged her creative talent and skill in brand building. Combining this with her natural business sense, she has taken on the role of sole Creative Director since 2024, guiding the brand’s direction and growth.Her ability to seamlessly blend finely honed commercial insight with creative, styling and design application inspired by global culture, has played a big role in every milestone, and made P.E Nation from a start-up into an established international player.


Varley is a modern fashion label for the today’s woman. The essential pieces for an active lifestyle are tailored to match movement and daily routine. The range of leggings, bras, shorts, and outerwear is made to transition effortlessly from workout sessions to weekend outings.

STORY:  Established in 2015 by the duo Lara and Ben Mead the label is inspired by the women who is aiming to imbue a sense of subtle assurance through collections that elevate their innate essence. The collection covers  knitwear, outerwear, and essential everyday items, alongside activewear for running or tennis to curate a sophisticated wardrobe that adapts to your lifestyle.


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MICHI merges high fashion with high function through its cutting-edge technical apparel designed for pilates, yoga, travel, street style, and an active lifestyle. Pioneering the intersection of fashion and activewear, MICHI introduced an aesthetic that seamlessly blends artistry and performance. Featuring intricate and breathable mesh inserts, stylishly strappy sports bras, and refined cut-outs, MICHI has set a new benchmark in sportswear.

“We celebrate women’s bodies by designing for movement, comfort and to flatter all shapes and sizes. Our intentional design lines and meticulous construction accentuate curves, create long and lean lines, hide flaws and solve the problems that emerge during movement.”

STORY: Michelle Watson established MICHI in New York City in 2010 with the aim of promoting well-being through movement and self-expression. Inspired by legendary designers and female athletes who set records with their athleticism and bold style, she believes in pushing the boundaries of how activewear looks, feels, and is experienced.


NYLORA  a unique space, straddling between active and ready-to-wear. These versatile garments are equally at home in the gym as they are on the street, offering both comfort and style wherever you go. The versatile activewear seamlessly complements the ready-to-wear pieces in a wardrobe, the luxury materials and the expert craftsmanship offer a high-fashion aesthetic.

Designer Acrivewear Women`s 2024

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Tory Burch was founded in New York City in 2004, defining American luxury with a global perspective. The brand’s mission is to support and empower women and entrepreneurs. Showcased each season during New York Fashion Week, the collection mirrors Tory’s passion for travel, vibrant hues, and distinctive accents. Offering timeless and adaptable clothing and accessories, the line embodies the essence of classic American fashion. The activewear line “Tory Sport”  covers fitness, tennis and golf styles.

STORY: Supporting and giving back to other women was integral to Tory’s vision when she founded the company. In 2009, she launched the Tory Burch Foundation with the mission of promoting women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. Tory’s guiding principle in her life, design, and leadership of the company is living in full color. Her dream is to inspire people worldwide to embrace life with character, beauty, and confidence, living each moment in vibrant color.


This is lifestyle brand created for and influenced by individuals dedicated to embracing high-vibration living. By blending ancient wisdom with modern culture, they produce refined products catering to both the contemporary wellness enthusiast and fashion aficionado. Their collections are curated with intention and purpose, featuring thoughtful design and uplifting messages. Their aim is to cultivate a community thriving on wellness, love, positivity, and happiness.

STORY:  It began with a simple t-shirt and evolved into a cultural phenomenon. Established in 2008 by globally recognized yoga instructors, Vanessa Lee and Ian Lopatin, Spiritual Gangster has grown from a yoga studio’s in-house brand into a worldwide sensation.

Designer Acrivewear Women`s 2024

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These brands prove once again that activewear has evolved in recent years from purely functional clothing to fashionable, highly aesthetic clothing that can also accompany us to occasions other than sports. it is very positive that there are more and more sustainable approaches in terms of production and materials.

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